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You are eligible to participate in the Plan if:

  • You complete 300 hours of service for a contributing employer during a Plan Year, and
  • You are doing work covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement, between an employer and the Union, or covered by another written agreement recognized by the Trustees, and
  • Your employer is required to contribute to the Trust Fund on your behalf.

You automatically become a Plan participant if you meet these requirements. You must satisfy additional requirements described below, however, before you are eligible to receive benefits from the Plan.


Your Retirement Plan is provided at no cost to you. Contributions from your employers plus Fund earnings pay for the entire cost of your Retirement Plan. The amount of each employer’s contributions to the Retirement Plan Trust Fund is established by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Employees may not contribute directly to the Plan. The Plan does not accept rollovers from other Plans.


As a Plan participant, you are responsible for:

  • Understanding how your Retirement Plan works and for using it as it was designed to be used;
  • Notifying the Fund office if you wish to name a beneficiary or change a beneficiary under the Plan. Unless you notify the Fund office otherwise, your benefits for any death benefits not automatically payable to your spouse under this Plan will be the same beneficiary designated in the Carolinas Electrical Workers Health and Welfare Trust fund; if no beneficiary is named in the Carolinas Electrical Workers Health and Welfare Trust Fund, any death benefits not automatically payable to your spouse from the Plan will be paid to your heirs as determined by inter-state succession laws, or if none, to your estate.
  • Notify the Fund office if you change your address or transfer to a category of work which is not covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement but you are still with the same employer; and
  • Filing an application for retirement benefits with the Fund office in advance of your expected retirement date. Benefits will not begin until an application is filed by you and approved by the Trustees.

A Beneficiary Designation card can be located on the Forms tab.


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